Bringing Greatness to the Next Level: the Porsche Slant Nose History

Word on the street is this: the uniquely designed Slant-Nose Porsche 997 is quite possible be SEMA and humanity’s saving grace. From a world-class automotive company comes a new look that gets cars and truck fans salivating.

SEMA is most popularly known for its macho men trucks and automaker cash-ins. During times of brilliance and luck, however, the show draws in unique pieces that stun automotive fans in Las Vegas. Take this Porsche 997 that is redesigned to look like an old school slant-nose that traditionally graces the 911.


Here’s a quick crash course on this feature. The slant nose goes back to Porches’ glory days – the 1970s when the company realized that there is nothing that is stopping them from doing away with the headlights in order to give their international sports car a more superior aerodynamic asset. Technically, this kind of modification is not allowed. However, trust the guys from Porsche to find a loophole and make everything work out. These risky and never before seen chop-front GT cars won just about everything for the risk takers!

This move quickly caught on and made its way to the street at a trailblazing pace. Before everyone new it, Porsche was building its own slant-nose model and other automobile companies started putting out their own versions of this trendsetter. This redesign was very much in line with the spirit of that time, thus making it a worthy investment despite its big price tag.

If you are looking for ways to replicate this swanky design, you would be pleased to know that you can get your hands on a kit that you can use to upgrade your car to a slant-nose look-a-like. Kei Miura, who is most commonly known for his antics over at Rocket Bunny, personally designed this kit for Old & New Japan. Your investment, which will includes a wide body, the full kit, and other necessary incidentals, will set you back by
¥1,550,000. That converts to roughly $14,800 USD.

Now the question arises: Is this price worth? Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. It all matters on the price tag that you are willing to put on your ultimate fantasy. If you have the money to blow and if it is your utmost dream to have your car looking as if it came from a time when Space Cigs are all the rage, then go ahead and make that investment.

Now, let’s go back to the SEMA’s official Slant-Nose Porsche 997. It’s features include: a Sea Blue full body repaint, carbon fiber roof, cup quarter glasses and cup mirrors to boot. On the inside, it boasts of an AIMSPORT GT350 steering wheel, Techno Craft carbon filter bucket seats, a CAE shifter, and a GMG-constructed cage. An Air Lift Performance Suspension and 19” Rotiform LSR wheels complete the pretty package.

When it comes to the era od the 70’s widebody look, the slant-nose Porshe is truly an era-defining design; and thanks to Miura’s superb skills and attention to detail, SEMA is now able to show off this superior design to the world.