Nico Rosberg F1 Grand Prix 2016

The Mexico Formula 1 Grand Prix Auto race held at Mexico’s Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez raceway on Sunday October 30, 2016 proved to be a day filled with changing positions and a few wrecks that made the beginning and the end of the race the most interesting part of the day.

The winner of the race Lewis Hamilton shared the podium with second place winner and teammate Nico Rosberg.
The race began with Hamilton not being able to make the corner in turn 1, he went over the grass and rejoined the group at turn 3. He was not penalized because officials said he was not overtaken by another car. On that very same turn, teammate Nico Rosberg was bumped by the Red Bull car driven by rival Max Verstappen and forced to leave the race track as well.

Verstappen and Rosberg were fighting over position 2 throughout the race but Verstappen missed out when he ran off the race track on lap 50. Verstappen tried to play dirty on lap 68, on the same corner that the Mercedes drivers had difficulty, he veered off the race course and rejoined the group on turn 3. After reviewing the move, it was determined that five seconds would be put on his time for the incident, therefore putting him in the fifth position.

Sebastian Vettel, who was driving a Ferrari also gave some drama to the race. He was vying for one of the top three spots when he decided to make a turn in a braking zone. Nearly three hours after the race stewards gave him a 10 second penalty, dropping him to fifth place.


Nico Rosberg could have clinched the championship win for himself, but he said that Hamilton was just too fast, he couldn’t keep up with him. He was also struggling with his car throughout the weekend. The balance was off and it wasn’t until the last lap of qualifying that put him behind his teammate by two tenths.

The winners then go in order Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. Their next race is in Brazil and with this group who knows what will happen. With the race comes controversy. Will Nico pull ahead of Hamilton once again to be the champion? Will there be blame and fighting amongst the drivers until the next race?

With the Brazilian race and the retirement of its hometown boy Felipe Massa, the question remains if there will be any more races in Brazil. There will be one driver left after Massa retires, Felipe Nasr will probably be forced to retire. Massa says when he began his career there were many drives involved in racing. Now that he is retiring there doesn’t seem to be anyone interested in the sport. He says that the race track needs many millions of dollars to repair and the with the state of the government’s finances, there just isn’t any money to fix it. Formula one racing in Brazil may very well be a thing of the past.
This may very well be the last time that Lewis, Nico, and the rest of the boys can enjoy the Brazilian race course.